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How Can You Act to Stop this Looming War:

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Compassionate. All praises are due to Allah Alone, the
All-Knowing, the All-Wise.  The All-Powerful and the One Who listens to the prayers of His servants.
We acknowledge that nothing is possible without his Will and nobody can change what He has Willed.
We first ask Allah for His help and to inculcate our efforts with His Barakah & blessing - Ameen!

We, here at The Online Islamic Bookstore are trying to start a campaign called the "Yellow Banner Campaign."
We are asking all Muslim owned web-sites to display the banner on their site, or if you don't have a web-site, to
spread the message to those Muslims who do have a web-site.  We would like to start seeing the banner proliferate
throughout the Muslim internet community within days before any strikes occur.  Are you up to the challenge yet,
or will it take more lives of Muslim children for us to react rather than act?

We are asking for volunteers who will promote and ensure that the banner appears in their chosen sites. You
must ensure that you promote the banner campaign to at least 10 Muslim sites on the internet. We would like to send a message to the people first, and then the government of the United States of America that we as Muslims vehemently oppose this war or any war that involves Muslim lives.

How to Add the Banner to Your Page:

  1. Create a directory called iraq in your public_html directory on your site.
  2. Download the file from this site which contains the JPG images.
  3. Unzip the images with WinZip, pkunzip.exe, or unzip (on UNIX) into the iraq directory.
  4. Download the Java Applet from
  5. Place the AdvertisementPanel.class applet into your public_html (not in the iraq directory) directory.
  6. Allow execute privileges to the applet with the following command (UNIX).

  7. $ chmod 755 AdvertisementPanel.class
  8. Copy the Java code below.
  9. Paste it a visible location into your Home Page on your site.
  10. Replace all occurences of with your homepage location.
  11. Save the HTML code from this page itself to file called banner.htm in the iraq directory.
  12. Allow execute privileges to the applet with the following command (UNIX).

  13. $ chmod 755 banner.htm
  14. Send a message to so we can keep track of who is participating .
Applet Code:

<Applet code="AdvertisementPanel.class" height=60 width=380>
<Param name="count" value=8>
<Param name=img0 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img1 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img2 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img3 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img4 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img5 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img6 value=",3000,center,">
<Param name=img7 value=",6000,center,">

How Can We Improve this Process?

Please send any comments that would help us improve the banner images, or the dsitrbution process to May Allah reward all of you for your efforts.

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