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Hi guys , welcome back. If you can see, this site is up and running again, not much stuff though, and it will remain like that for a while, so in case you get bored , dont kill urself, just goto


The latest from Boca Raton, Florida, is that the President of Florida Atlantic University was fired due to his involvement in some money laundering case. Most of FAU's revenue comes from International Students. Thankyou!

And everyone else is fine here, after Azfar's and Khalid's return to Dubai, the rest of the guys are going on with their lives. Imran, Ali and Fahim are now part of Verio's highly efficient(??), knowledgable(??) and educated(??) team. Shoaib is left with Manzar and Amir , may Allah protect him.


This website is being constantly updated. Plz come back, I repeat , this site is being constantly updated. We work hard to make things easy!


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